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Color Matching Lamps

GTI ColorMatcher® 6500K Color Matching Lamps for Color Matching, Inspection, and Aesthetic Appraisal

EVS Executive Viewing Stations

Model Viewing Area (D x W)
EVS-2028 20″ x 28″ (51 cm x 71 cm)
EVS-2540 25″ x 40″ (64 cm x 102 cm)
EVS-3052 29″ x 52″ (74 cm x 132 cm)
EVS-4052 40″ x 52″ (102 cm x 132 cm)
EVS-30106 29″ x 106″ (74 cm x 269 cm)

GTI ColorMatcher® Series

The ColorMatcher Series is a family of color matching systems designed to deliver the options and features you need to evaluate and communicate color with confidence. The four standard sizes will accommodate nearly any sample size. Custom sizes are available for larger sample sizes. All models comply with industry standards including ASTM D1729, SAE J361, ISO 3668, and BS-950 Part 2 and are supplied with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable).

GTI MiniMatcher® Series

The tabletop MiniMatcher series is ideal for the viewing of cosmetics, coatings, consumer goods, ink, packaging, fashion, and more. The ASTM D1729 compliant MiniMatcher series is available in six standard models.

Overhead Luminaires

For areas where a color viewing booth is not practical or to view larger format artwork, Graphiclite overhead luminaires can

PDV Professional Desktop Viewers

Multi-Source Portable Desktop Viewer The PDV-2e/M has the same viewing area and footprint as the PDV2-e; two models are available. The PDV-2e/M4 includes four light sources D50 or D65, CWF or TL84, Incandescent, and UV. While the PDV-2e/M3 has three light sources D50 or D65, CWF or TL84, and Incandescent. Each source is operated by a toggle switch.